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Microsoft already offered a way for students to receive Office products for free through its Student Advantage program, but required that schools set up accounts and initiate service in order for students to gain access to the software.

Now Microsoft is making it easier for young scholars to nab an Office 365 license on their own. The company announced today that students 13 and older who are attending a school that has purchased Office organization-wide for all faculty/staff via the Microsoft Volume Licensing program can access Office 365 by signing up here and entering a valid school-provided email address.

Qualified students will receive the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher; installation on up to five PCs or Macs; 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage; and Office Online.

The program is available for those in the U.S., and Microsoft will expand this globally later in 2014. The company also said today that teachers and faculty can now receive free Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions if their schools have purchased an organization-wide Office license.

Here’s a video guide for students that are interested:

Update, 4:45 p.m. —

Many students appear to be having problems with their Office 365 activations. Here’s what Microsoft just sent us in response:

Thanks to everyone who has signed up and installed Office 365 Education for Students. We are excited to see the response and we are monitoring feedback to make sure students have a great experience. It you are not able to activate your Office 365 installation, please try activating again in 10 minutes using the same email address and password. If you are still experiencing an activation issue, please post your question at

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E-ZONE the educational platform

is the Learning Management System (LMS) platform developed by Helbling Languages. 

E-zone is a user-friendly online platform for teachers and students to support teaching and learning.
Students register and complete English activities online.
Teachers can set up classes, register their students, assign homework and set deadlines. Homework is corrected automatically and teachers can directly message their students online.





Designed to give students and teachers of English a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of English grammar and usage.
Available on e-zone.





Resources and interactive activities for individual student access. Includes:
· Listening for Communication & Exams
· Pronunciation
· Video activities
· All exercises from the Cyber Homework in self-study mode.
Available both on e-zone and as an app.





An interactive version of the Student’s Book & Workbook, where students can access all audio and video content at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. Student can complete the activities, check their results and add their own notes.
Available both on e-zone and as an app.





Beautifully illustrated original stories with audio recording for students to develop comprehension and overall language skills.
Available both on e-zone and as an app.





Interactive activities assigned to students by their teacher within an online virtual classroom. Full results and feedback are automatically given as soon as the deadline fixed by the teacher has been reached.
Available both on e-zone and as an app.





Open-ended tasks on both cultural and global themes, where students can embed other resources such as web links or files and share them with the teacher and their class.
Available on e-zone.

How to use e-zone

1)    Register on e-zone
2)    Create your class
3)    Add students to your class
4)    Generate access details for each student
5)    Assign books to your class (you may be required to provide the PIN code for the product)
6)    Preview and assign homework and fix the deadline
7)    Check your students’ activities
8)    Get detailed and printable progress reports

Who are part of a virtual class (Class-use)

1)    Log in on e-zone using the access details from your teacher
2)    Enter your PIN code, if required
3)    Do the assigned homework
4)    Get full results after the deadline

Who are studying on their own (Self-study)

1)    Register on e-zone
2)    Select your book or course
3)    Enter your PIN code, if required
4)    Select and complete the activities
5)    Get immediate feedback
9)    Write messages to your students and class




1.    What are e-zone’s technical requirements?
E-zone can be accessed from any device with Internet access and from a standard browser (e.g. Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). The Flash plug-in is required.

2.    Can teachers also see student materials on e-zone?
Yes: teachers can see all student materials, in addition to their own resources and materials. Teachers can also access all student apps.

3.    Can teachers also assign homework to individual students?
teachers can create classes with as many students as they want: just one, a small group or all of them, then they can assign Cyber Homework.

4.    Can students access materials in class-use and self-study mode?
Yes: they can register individually and do the self-study activities, or use the login data from the teacher and do the class activities.

5.    What is a PIN code?
A PIN code is a number you find on the inside cover of your book. It allows you to unlock all the activities and resources available for your level.

6.    Is a PIN code required to unlock all the materials?
Not yet
: at the moment not all the books have a code. But in future a PIN code will be required to unlock all materials.

7.    Can I install the Helbling apps on any device?
Helbling apps are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Android.

8.    Where can I find the Helbling apps?
This depends on your operating system: apps for Windows and Mac OS are available on e-zone. Apps for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store.

9.    Can I work offline?
once you have your Helbling app installed you don’t need to be online to work. If you do any of the activities offline on your app, all data is saved and the content will be synchronized the next time you go online.

10.    Is data-syncing also possible between e-zone and the Helbling apps?
e-zone and the apps are part of the same data storage system. So if, for example, you add notes to the online Cloud Book, you will find them the next time you access the Cloud Book app, regardless of the device you are using. You just need to sync them!

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