Importance Of Sports In Education Essay Quotes

Written by Aditya Shankar | New Delhi | Published: April 22, 2017 5:35 pm

In this obsession with the mind, we tend to forget that our bodies deserves equal attention, if not more.

We study to grow in knowledge and give examinations to keep the brain in action, but our mind is not the only thing which needs exercising. As Kapil Dev once said, “Apart from education, you need good health, and for that you need sports”. This is a quote that I, and many like me who love sports, connect with completely.

It is commonly agreed upon that our minds need to grow. We train constantly at school, college and work to make sure our minds are functioning to the best possible extent and contributing to the society in the best way they can. In this obsession with the mind, we tend to forget that our bodies deserves equal attention, if not more.

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Every school has sports embedded in their curriculum as they understand the importance of physical health and activity. However, the importance given to sports ends there— in its inclusion just for the sake of formality.

Many schools do not properly encourage students to participate in sporting events and parents add to the physical hindrance by not believing that this field can bring as much or even better chances of success than the academic field. Thank god famous cricketers like Dhoni or Sachin didn’t get affected by such notions or else our country wouldn’t have had such a magnificent sportsmen.

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I don’t believe that PE classes should be taken just for the fun of it. Sports deserves as much sincerity and attention as any academic subject. It is the duty of schools to recognise this importance and develop a good curriculum so both students and parents may take interest in the field.

There are studies that prove that playing a sport can actually help in improving grades as it enhances focus. Also, a fit mind, immunity and sound mental health reside in a fit body. Time spent playing sports boosts confidence, thus decreasing instances of low self-esteem. The soft skills of team-work and collaboration get inculcated in sportspersons, along with the ability of quick thinking and spontaneous decision making.

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I take great interest in basketball and have devotedly practiced for it. As a result, not only was I selected to be a part of the school Basketball team, but was also given the honour of being the captain. It is a huge responsibility, but at the same time, a great learning experience. This has even lead to an improvement in my leadership abilities.

In a good sports curriculum, the whole student body is a part of it and not only the chosen few. Students must be given exposure to different sports at an early age, so that interest can be developed. Marks given by sports incharges must hold the same value as other subjects.

Of course, it can be agreed that academics are important, but ‘all work and no play’ does really make Jack a dull boy. Whether for life-skills, or recreation, or fitness, a good sports curriculum is of utmost significance in the life of a student.

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Sports and games are very important for us. They keep us healthy and fit. They offer us a change from the monotony of daily life. It is a useful means of entertainment and physical activity. Sports and games help in character building. They give us energy and strength.

Sports and games are means of mental and physical growth. During sports we come to learn many things. We learn how to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and despair. They make us learn how to tackle the difficult situation. Sports develop a sense of friendliness. They develop in us team spirit. They help in developing mental and physical toughness. They shape our body and make it strong and active. They give us energy and strength. They remove tiredness and lethargy. They improve blood circulation. This improves our physical well-being.

Sports and games improve our capability. They improve our efficiency. Either study or work alone makes us exhaust. We remain no longer efficient to do any work. Sports remove our mental exhaustion. Sports are integral part of education. Education without sports is incomplete. Keeping their value in life, children are taught some sorts of games in the very early stage in school. These days’ sports are a part of academic curricula.

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Sports are particularly important for the youth. They help in their physical and mental growth. They contribute in the formation of character. They inculcate in them good values. It is therefore, sports competition is held at school and college levels. The students who perform well in this competition are promoted to play at the national and international level. Thus sports help in career growth also.

Sports and games give us opportunity to grow in life. These days’ sports have been commercialized. They have become a good means of earning. The sports person who does well in sports is showered with name, fame and wealth. He becomes a hero overnight. Sports have great potential to offer career opportunities. So we should take them very seriously from the very early age of our life. Sports are good means of earnings. Sports offer opportunity to prove talents.

Thus, sports have great value in life. Sports facilities are being developed in rural and semi-urban areas. There are playgrounds in villages. Sports infrastructure are being developed everywhere so as to promote them. Various sport organizations are also doing well in promotion of sports.

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