Mgt 360 Week 1 Assignment

MGT/360 Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management Biosphere Worksheet Section A: Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Define biosphere . Describe the part of the biosphere where humans can survive. -The biosphere is the total flora, all of the creature, and all of the living on world including humans. Humans could endure within 30 percent of the earth’s surface. Agreeing to Schmidt-Bleek, “This planet's biosphere--the total of whole living on it also as the total of all bodily requirements specified wet, climate, and other people--has made the circumstances below which a being such as the human species may come forth” (Schmidt-Bleek, 2010). Based on this week’s required readings, what are the main causes of threats to the biosphere? 2.-The chief terrors to the biosphere are pollution, worsening water boards, departure of cultivable earth, and defunctness of species 3. Define sustainability . What do scientists predict will happen in Earth’s future if we do not increase our sustainability practices? Sustainability is a use or policy that adjoins societies or the environments nowadays wants without conciliatory the power of time to come coevalses to adjoin their personal demands. Illustrations of sustainability are ameliorate Page 1 of 7 mgt360

Sustainability WorksheetMGT/360Sustainability WorksheetSection A: Answer the following questions in complete sentences or you may write your answerson a separate sheet. Your response to each question should be written in a minimum of 175 words. 1.Define sustainability. Describe the different aspects of sustainability as it relates to individuals, organizations, and social awareness. Sustainability is defined as the ability to continue a behavior indefinitely and for that behavior to be sustained, supported, upheld or confirmed. There are four aspects of sustainability; environmental, social, cultural and economic. Environmental sustainability acknowledges the need to enhance and maintain the environmental systemsthat sustain all life on Earth. It includes the structure and function of natural ecosystems and the interactions between them and people. Environmental sustainability is important individuals and organizations because everyone needs to contribute to our environment, whether on an individual or organizational basis. Social sustainability acknowledges the

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